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It all started in 1964 when firefighter Leroy (Bud) Woodruff began learning the sheet metal trade while working with Sweets Sheet Metal company in the Chicago North Shore town of Wilmette, Illinois. In 1969, while still employed full time at the Winnetka Fire Department, he took his passion further and began a small ...


How to Avoid Moisture in Your Attic

Unless you have converted your attic to a livable space served by your home’s HVAC system, there is a very good chance that you have not really thought much about the amount of moisture in your attic space. Too much moisture in your attic can be detrimental to your home’s very structure, so it is […]


How Humidity Can Do a Number on Your House

How Humidity Can Do a Number on Your House Humidity is a measurement of the amount of moisture in the air both indoors and out. It plays an important role in your comfort when it comes to indoor air, but too much humidity can create significant problems. Understanding humidity and its potential effects on your […]

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