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It all started in 1964 when firefighter Leroy (Bud) Woodruff began learning the sheet metal trade while working with Sweets Sheet Metal company in the Chicago North Shore town of Wilmette, Illinois. In 1969, while still employed full time at the Winnetka Fire Department, he took his passion further and began a small ...


Get Inspiration from Nature—Go Green with your Siding

A walk in the shady woods. Gazing up at an old-growth pine tree. Touching your fingertips to the soft moss covering a boulder. Sometimes slowing down with nature can fill you with a well of design inspiration. There’s something about the soothing, earthy color Heathered Moss that takes note straight from nature’s book. The mossy-like […]


Why Green Homeowners Will Like the Recycling Program from DaVinci Roofs

Ever wonder what happens to the unused scraps after your roofing project is complete? Or where do the mounds of shingles that were replaced end up? Most would say they go to the landfill and, for the most part, they would be right. In fact, 11 million tons of recyclable asphalt shingles end up in […]


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