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Exterior Renovations that Reap Rewards: 5 Projects that Add Value to the Home


Looking for way to update your home and add value at the same time?  While many see a kitchen remodel as the best option, exterior renovations are often a better choice for reaping big rewards on your investment.   Listed below are 5 curb-appeal projects that pack the most punch when it comes time to sell.

1.      Fiber Cement Siding High-end fiber cement siding adds the most return on investment for home exterior repairs.  Although up-front cost is higher, this siding material is easy to paint, offers a sustainable finish, and is flame resistant.   

National Average Cost: $13,083

Estimated Resale Value: $10,379

Return on Investment: 79.3%

2.       Garage Door Often used on a daily basis, a quality steel garage door can be a huge asset to any home.  If your current door is manual update it with an automated system or replace a dented, worn unit with a newer model.

National Average Cost: $1,496

Estimated Resale Value: $1,132

Return on Investment: 75.7%

3.      Wood Replacement Windows Both stylish and energy-efficient, wood replacement windows can add some a ton of value to the home when it comes time to sell.  Far superior to leaky, outdated windows, these units increase the appeal of the exterior while saving money on your utility bill.

National Average Cost: $10,708 (based on 10 replacement windows)

Estimated Resale Value: $7,852

Return on Investment: 73.3%

4.      Vinyl Siding This popular siding choice is both lightweight and durable while also being a cost-effective alternative to more expensive options.  Keep the vinyl color neutral for best resale value. 

National Average Cost: $11,192

Estimated Resale Value: $8,154

Return on Investment: 72.9%

5.       Steel Entry Door This easy replacement can quickly bring any home up-to-date while adding extra security and function to the entryway.  If you are on a tight budget, adding a new steel entry door is one of the best ways to increase your homes value.

National Average Cost: $1,137

Estimated Resale Value: $974

Return on Investment: 85.6%

When it comes to exterior renovations, the quality of craftsmanship used to complete the job is often just as important as the new upgrades that were installed.  Dont ruin your investment by hiring an inexperienced contractor or trying to do it yourself.  If you are looking for a professional with proven experience in the field, contact Custom Installations.  We have been offering quality exterior renovation and repair services to our customers since 1969.

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