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How Our In-House Custom Fabrication Benefits You


At Custom installations, we are always striving to offer the quality services our customers are looking for.  One way we have found to offer better value is through investing in an in-house custom fabrication shop. sheet metal plays an important part of the homes exterior from the flashing to windows to decorative elements.  With our in-house shop, we can now fabricate nearly any sheet metal into a custom design for your home.

Creating design elements that are unique to you, our in-house custom fabrication has a number of benefits:

– There is no waiting for an outside company to ship your product.  You get the benefit of having a contractor who can make exactly what you need with virtually no turnaround time.

– We work with nearly any type of metal you need.  Our in-house custom fabrication can work with many materials including aluminum, copper, steel, galvanized and more.

– Our customers get exactly what they want.  Our team works with each client to customize each piece to their unique needs and wants.

– In-house custom fabrication also allows us to match your current architecture with existing historical features.  Your home will have a seamless, beautiful look which enhances its traditional appeal.

The next time you are looking for an experienced partner for your exterior installation or repair, consider one with an in-house fabrication shop such as Custom installations.  You will benefit from our ability to create unique metal pieces for your home without the hassle of using an outside third part.  We are here to help with all your sheet metal needs.

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